CHRIS COMMINS - Senior Partner

  • Chris Commins is one of the best known and respected researchers in Canada.
  • After graduating from the University of Toronto he was a member of the research department of two of Canada's leading advertising agencies. Chris subsequently held senior positions with three major research firms before starting his own company which was the predecessor company to Commins Wingrove.
  • Chris is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Society for Consumer Psychology, and was President of the Professional Marketing Research Society in 1985-86. He taught marketing research in the MBA program at York University for 7 years and was the long-time Course Director for the PMRS "Fundamentals of Marketing Research" program. In 1990 he was named a "Fellow" of the Society (now the MRIA) for his "distinguished contributions to marketing research" in Canada.
  • He has been an invited speaker at the Attitude Research Conference, at the annual conferences of the ARF, CAMRO, CASRO and the MRA, and at numerous conferences of the Professional Marketing Research Society (now the MRIA)
  • Chris’ expertise spans all phases of marketing research but he is particularly known for creative solutions to challenging research problems.